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Prodigy Network: $30 Million Capital Call May Be Required by Investors in AKA Property

Last month, it was reported that Prodigy Network – once a prominent real estate crowdfunding platform focused on prime Manhattan real estate- has endured some challenging times. Several lawsuits in 2019, and the reported departure of its founding CEO, have allegedly caused a certain amount… Read More

Prodigy Network in Distress: Jeff Holzmann, CEO of IRM, Shares Perspective

Last week, Crowdfund Insider reported on the apparent downfall of a once high-profile real estate crowdfunding platform Prodigy Network. In 2019, its founder and CEO Rodrigo Niño said he was stepping aside following reports of a lawsuit affiliated with a project in Chicago. Things recently… Read More

Once a High Flying Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform, Prodigy Network Struggles

Prodigy Network, once a high-flying real estate crowdfunding platform, is now struggling as it appears to be in dire need of cash. According to a report in the Deal, Prodigy Network has told investors it is in need of $40 million to keep a property… Read More

Introducing Fundamental. Prodigy CEO Rodrigo Niño Crowdfunds for Alternative Mental Health Therapies & Psychedelic Research

“Imagine if each person suffering from a mental illness or witnessing someone close to them struggling with mental health could do something about it. If dollar by dollar, we could come together as a community and spark a mental health revolution by supporting the science… Read More

Prodigy Network is Crowdfunding $53 Million for Assemblage / Park Avenue South

Real estate crowdfunding platform Prodigy Network is launching its 5th equity crowdfunding offer to develop coworking spaces in Manhattan.  The newest project, the Assemblage / Park Avenue South will seek a raise of $53 million from accredited investors.  The term is expected to last 3… Read More

June Described as Prodigy Network’s Most Successful Month (Infographic)

Real estate crowdfunding platform Prodigy Network had a great June. In a communication to investors, Prodigy said June was one of the most successful in their history having completed the acquisition of The Assemblage / 25 street – their fourth New York City project.  They… Read More

Prodigy Network CEO Rodrigo Niño Updates on Real Estate Market & Future Plans

  Prodigy Network is one of the largest entrants in the real estate crowdfunding sector within the US.  To date, Prodigy has raised approximately $160 million for its portfolio of property located in New York City.  What is unique about Prodigy is the fact it… Read More

Prodigy Network on Crowdfunding Real Estate (Video)

Rodrigo Niñ0, CEO of real estate crowdfunding platform Prodigy Network, recently spoke with Rishaad Salamat on Bloomberg’s “Trending Business” segment. Prodigy has raised over $370 million from their network of 6200 investors (as posted on the video below).  Nino, speaking from Singapore, explains they currently… Read More

Five Online Investment Platforms to Join Millennium Trust Company’s Network

On Tuesday, Millennium Trust Company announced it was expanding alternative investment access for advisors and individuals by adding five online investment platforms to its network, Millennium Alternative Investment Network (MAIN). Along with Lending Club, which joined late last month, these portals are EquityZen, iCapital Network, Prodigy Network, R.J. Oasis.  Millennium… Read More

Knock, Knock … Who’s There? … A TON Of Potential New Real Estate Investors

  To date, most crowdfunded investment opportunities have been limited to wealthy investors who meet the current definition of “accredited investor.” This has left an absolutely HUGE market of potential investor capital, represented by those individuals who currently do not qualify as accredited investors, virtually untapped…. Read More

AKA United Nations, First Crowdfunded Condos For Manhattan, Thanks To Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform Prodigy Network

  The first real estate project in New York to be financed notably through crowdfunding, AKA United Nations, will open to guests starting Sept. 10, notes a recent story on BloombergBusiness. The extended-stay hotel-condominium on East 46th Street near Second Avenue cost $95 million to purchase and fix up… Read More

Prodigy Network Announces New Real Estate Crowdfunding Opportunity with Assemblage/25th Street in NYC

Prodigy Network, arguably the largest real estate equity crowdfunding platform in the world, has announced a new opportunity open to investors. Assemblage / 25th Street in Manhattan is a unique project that marries collaborative work-space with short-term residential living in thriving downtown New York City. Brian… Read More

Crowdfunding: From Impossible, to Improbable to Inevitable in less than 10 years

  It was not that long ago that the term “crowdfunding” entered into the common lexicon. Today we regularly watch, or read about, multi-million crowdfunding campaigns delivering the next big thing to supportive consumers who are willing to wait a bit longer to receive a perk,… Read More

The Largest Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms

Real estate crowdfunding may be the hottest sector within the crowdfunding industry – at least in the US. Real estate and crowdfunding, be it debt or equity, is a perfect marriage of pairing technology to an out of date process of matching investors to projects. In the past,… Read More

The Future of Cities: Crowdfunding Can Tackle Urban Density & Issues of Inequality Simultaneously

In the 19th century, there were 11 cities with over 1 million inhabitants.  Today there are over 500 cities around the world where the population stands above 1 million.  There are over 7 billion souls on this planet and this number is predicted to grow… Read More

Prodigy Network Plans to Add Short-Term Rental Apartments to its Growing Real Estate Portfolio

Prodigy Network, one of  the most prominent real estate crowdfunding firms, aims to combine shared workspace and short-term rental apartments, according to the The Real Deal.  The firm hopes to launch the concept, sources said, at three locations in Manhattan: 17 John Street, a project that generated $35 million in… Read More

Prodigy Network Talks Crowdfunding Real Estate (Video)

Prodigy Network, one of the leading real estate crowdfunding platforms, was recently featured on CNBC regarding their 17 John Street project in Manhattan.  The project has generated a respectable $35 million in equity crowdfunding alongside $78 million in traditional finance for top shelf, extended stay… Read More

Prodigy Network Launches New Transactional Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform

Prodigy Network has announced the launch of its new real estate crowdfunding website, which will feature a secure transactional platform to permit accredited investors – certain investors who have regular income of over $200,000 or net worth, excluding their primary residence, of over $1 million… Read More

Real Estate Platform Prodigy Network Charts Path for Equity Crowdfunding Growth: Targets European Expansion

Prodigy Network, the largest real estate crowdfunding platform operating today, has been pushing forward led by founder and CEO Rodrigo Niño.  The entrepreneurial Niño claims the largest equity crowdfunding project ever. BD Bacata, in Bogota, Colombia, raised approximately $200 million in equity crowdfunding to finance the… Read More

Harvard: Prodigy Network is Democratizing Real Estate Investment

Last month Harvard Business School published a case study on the real estate crowdfunding platform Prodigy Network and its founder Rodrigo Niño.  Authors Karim Lakhani, Katja Hutter and Greta Priar, reviewed the dramatic rise of Prodigy Network and the vision of Niño that “crowdfunding will… Read More

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