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France: Decree Moves Securities on Blockchain Forward with Legal Structure

On December 24th, the French Government issued a decree (Décret n°2018-1226 du 24 décembre 2018) outlining the utilization of blockchain for securities. Specifically, for the “use of a shared electronic recording device for the representation and transmission of financial securities and for the issue and sale… Read More

France’s BNP Paribas Securities Service Expands Blockchain Platform to Private Stocks

On Monday, BNP Paribas Securities Service announced it is expanding its blockchain platform for private stocks as a way to help private companies issue mini-bonds through crowdfunding portals. The bank revealed it is teaming up with renewable energy crowdfunding specialists Lendosphere, Enerfip, and Lumo on this… Read More

Seedrs’ Jeff Lynn Shares His Thoughts on Minibonds: “I Worry that the Long-Term Returns are Going to be Disappointing”

Last week, CEO of Seedrs Jeff Lynn sat down with Business Insider to reveal why he believes that minibonds are not as great as they claim to be. According to the media outlet Lynn laid into minibonds, the debt instruments startups are increasingly turning to when… Read More

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