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Ministry Of Supply Lands $1.1M In Seed Funding After 2 Crowdfunding Successes

Ministry of Supply has made great use of Kickstarter over the past 18 months, having launched and executed two successful crowdfunding campaigns for their innovative spin on fashion. The first campaign for the Apollo dress shirt raised over $400,000 used technology developed by NASA to create shirts… Read More

Top 9 Fashion Crowdfunding Campaigns Crowdfunded on Kickstarter

[new_royalslider id=”4″] Fashion is another area being impacted by the disruptive innovation of crowdfunding. These 9 campaigns are the most successful fashion crowdfunding campaigns to date from Kickstarter. Have a crowdfunding offering you’d like to share? Submit an offering for consideration using our Submit a… Read More

Kickstarter Project Funding Coffee-infused Dress Socks

In crowdfunding you learn something new every day. For example, did you know that spent coffee grounds can be used to absorb smells? So well, in fact, that scientists at the City College of New York have explored the use of spent, carbonized coffee in… Read More

How Kickstarter gave 3 Boston fashion companies a boost

It may not have been the biggest project in Kickstarter history – that distinction goes to the Pebble E-Paper Watch , a smart watch that raised more than $10 million from backers on the crowd-funding website. But when Boston-based Ministry of Supply earned more than… Read More

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