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Bitcoin Lifestyler and Purveyor of Fraudulent Nevada “Bitcointopia” Land Scheme Sentenced to 21 Months

A series of legal troubles experienced by well-known Bitcoin evangelist and lifestyler Morgan Rockcoons, 31, have concluded in California with Rockcoons being sentenced to 21 months in prison. In two separate indictments, Rockcoons was charged with operating an unlicensed money transmitting business and wire fraud. He… Read More

Prosecuted LocalBitcoins Seller Arrested for Alleged Fraud in “Bitcointopia” Nevada Land Scheme

About eight months ago, a man facing jail for allegedly taking more cash than is legally allowed in a Bitcoin transaction began heavily promoting a “Bitcointopia” project he’d conceived to develop in Nevada. Morgan Rockcoons, (also known as Nodefather, Morgan Rockwell, and Metaballo) posted relentless… Read More

LocalBitcoins Seller in Crisis as He Considers Taking Plea Deal on Money Laundering Charges

Morgan Rockcoons, a once active LocalBitcoins seller and committed Bitcoin lifestyler, has tweeted that he is in crisis after being offered a deal from prosecutors to plead guilty to money laundering and unlicensed money transmission in exchange for a lighter sentence. Rockcoons perceives the charges… Read More

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