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Wirecard Issues Multi-Currency Visa Card For Currency Exchange United Money

Germany-based global provider of digital payments and commerce solutions Wirecard announced on Monday it has partnered with Chinese currency exchanger United Money to issue a multi-currency Visa card.  Wirecard reported that the card, Travel Cashcard, is an ideal alternative to traveler’s checks and cash. The card is notably… Read More

Multi-Currency Payments Platform WorldFirst Launches World Account for U.S. Businesses

WorldFirst, a UK-based multi-currency payments platform, announced on Tuesday it launched its World Account for U.S. businesses and online sellers. The solution made its debut after being launched by WorldFirst Co-Founder and CEO Jonathan Quin and Managing Director Jeff Parker while they were on stage… Read More

UK Fintech Centtrip Adds USD & EUR to Card Base Currencies

On Tuesday, UK fintech Centtrip announced it was now adding USD and EUR to card base currencies. Founded in 2013, Centtrip describes itself as a fintech pioneer that introducing “new dimensions” to the banking landscape with its smart technology. More than 16,000 companies and affluent individuals,… Read More

Blockchain Tech Platform Billion Announces Partnership With Igoria Trade

Billon, a company that uses blockchain to built business solutions for real money and smart data, announced this week it has formed a partnership with Igoria Trade, the company behind IgoriaCard, which allows users to make payments in 150 currencies with low exchange costs and access… Read More

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