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Naked Wines Launches Fundraising Efforts for California Wildfires Relief

Following the devastating wildfires that have claimed the lives of more than 30 people and have destroyed miles of land in Northern California, Naked Wines has launched fundraising efforts for the wineries and vineyards affected by the natural disaster. “Since Sunday, October 8th, catastrophic fires have… Read More

Naked Wines Raises Over £30,000 For Bruno Lapierre’s Château Saint Hilaire Provence 2016

On Wednesday, Naked Wines announced it raised more than £30,000 from 600 UK Angels for Bruno Lapierre’s Château Saint Hilaire Provence 2016. Naked Wines stated: “As a nation we are certainly not afraid to Drink Pink. Sales of Provence Rosé have been rising steadily for a number… Read More

2,500 Naked Wines Investors Capture £190,000 in Nearly a Week For Unknown French Winemaker Jean Marc

2,500 Naked Wines investors have backed relatively unknown French winemaker Jean Marc Astruc – pre-ordering 30,000 bottles of wine to raise over £190,000 in under a week. For 12 years, Jean Marc was the President of his local wine co-operative. But after a tough couple of… Read More

A toast to crowd funding

Entrepreneurs and would-be start-ups have embraced crowd funding for the access to seed capital, potential customers and market feedback that the model provides. But some start-ups are bypassing the established channels and using their own version of crowd funding to directly control interaction with target… Read More

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