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Naked Wines Launches Fundraising Efforts for California Wildfires Relief

Following the devastating wildfires that have claimed the lives of more than 30 people and have destroyed miles of land in Northern California, Naked Wines has launched fundraising efforts for the wineries and vineyards affected by the natural disaster. “Since Sunday, October 8th, catastrophic fires have… Read More

Fundovino Creates a New Way for Wine Lovers to Back Wineries & Vineyards

Offering up a new way for wineries and vineyards to get funding, Paris-based crowdfunding platform Fundovino launched last month and is on a mission to help not only wine makers, but also wine tourism, culture and art get backers easily and quickly. Fundovino, which dubbed… Read More

Naked Wines Australia Offers A Way For Wine Lovers To Interact With Their Favorite Wineries

Over the last few years, consumers have been able to purchase their favorite wines online with just one click. It’s easy to order it, but what if you can help with financing and producing of your favorite Australian wines? Naked Wines Australia has taken the traditional… Read More

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