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Michigan Governor Set to Sign First Ever Intrastate Secondary Securities Market Bill

Michigan Act Now

First State to Create Secondary Market for Privately Crowdfunded Securities. Tired of waiting on federal regulators to implement investment (aka equity) crowdfunding for all investors, several Midwestern states, including Michigan, have legalized intrastate investment crowdfunding. Now, with the pending passage of HB 5273, Michigan’s effort… Read More

Michigan Seeks to Create New Type of Broker Dealer

Nancy Jenkins

Michigan has been one of the states at the forefront of allowing intrastate investment crowdfunding to occur as Title III retail crowdfunding remains in a regulatory holding pattern.  The state has found capable champions in the legislature and within the business community making crowdfunding a… Read More

Michigan’s First Investment Crowdfunding Campaign Finds Huge Success

Tecumseh logo

Michigan’s first investment crowdfunding campaign under the new Michigan Invests Locally Exemption (MILE) has successfully reached its maximum goal. The Tecumseh Brewing Company this week reached $175,000 in local investments from Michigan residents. The company is the first in Michigan to raise funds under MILE,… Read More

Advocates Push for Local Stock Exchange in Michigan

Nancy Jenkins

Michigan Municipal League, Representative Nancy Jenkins Push for Local Stock Exchanges. A bill pending in the state House of Michigan to create local stock exchanges to support small businesses would be the first of its kind in not only Michigan, but in the nation.  The… Read More

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