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The Bitcoin Association, which Supports Bitcoin SV, Claims that its Crypto Network can Handle as Many Transactions as VISA

The Bitcoin Association, which is focused on the development and promotion of Bitcoin “Satoshi Vision” (SV) (a controversial Bitcoin Cash (BCH) fork whose developers and community claim that their project is the “real” Bitcoin or how its creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, intended it to be), claims… Read More

Bitcoin Cash – Is the End Near?

That's All Folks The End Final

Bitcoin Cash Basics Bitcoin Cash was born in August 2017 as the result of a hard fork from the Bitcoin network. Discussions began in early 2017 among the Bitcoin community to rollout the SegWit update which would allow scaling of the blockchain. However, a subset… Read More

nChain Announces Acquisition of Majority Stake in HandCash Wallet for Bitcoin Cash

UK-based blockchain company nChain announced on Tuesday it closed deal terms to acquire a majority stake in HandCash, a Bitcoin Cash mobile wallet that uses near field communication (NFC) technology to make it as easy for users to send Bitcoin Cash to someone as if… Read More

nChain Appoints Bitcoin Foundation Executive Jon Matonis As Vice President of Corporate Strategy

UK-based blockchain company nChain announced on Tuesday it has appointed Bitcoin Foundation’s founding executive director, Jon Matonis, as its new vice president of corporate strategy. The company stated that Matonis would support its business growth by developing commercial relationships, and evaluating opportunities for strategic investments and… Read More

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