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Vechain-Powered Blockchain, NFC Technologies Enhance Frac’s Fractional Asset Trading Platform

As the world of blockchain continues to evolve, innovative applications and new kinds of collaboration are “emerging to tackle various challenges.” Frac, a platform in the high-value fractional asset trading market, has adopted vechain’s propriety technologies “to increase security and add immutable authentication to their… Read More

Digiseq, which Delivers Data into Wearables, Unveils Contactless Payments Breakthrough for NFC Chip Embedded Objects

Digiseq recently unveiled what it claims to be a wearables breakthrough via a mobile app that’s able to turn supported objects, embedded with an NFC chip, into a contactless payments device. Digiseq’s Manage Mii mobile app supports “Rapid Contactless Personalization” for clients to imbue any… Read More

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