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What Is The Future Of Crowdfunding? Six Emergent Trends For 2014

An anonymous user on Quora asked me and a few others to answer the following question: What is the future of Crowdfunding? It’s a great question and one we think about quite often here at Crowdfund Insider. We cover so many stories in the space and… Read More

Here Come The Hyperlocal Crowdfunding Sites

Today a press release from SaveOurCommunityTheaters.org hails the arrival of the “new trend” of hyperlocal crowdfunding sites. SaveOurCommunityTheaters.org seeks to utilize niche or “neighborhood marketing” to create a community of resources and ideas that are locally driven and specifically targeted. Instead of going to a… Read More

3 Unconventional Crowdfunding Niches

Platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo win hands down as the crowdfunding platforms that get the most attention and mind share of entrepreneurs and creative types. But they’re not the only options out there–a slew of new, niche crowdfunding sites let the masses invest in everything from high-level academic research… Read More

Case Study: Appsplit, Niche Crowdfunding And Breaking Through

Among the growing number of niche crowdfunding platforms, Appsplit has one of the more interesting approaches in that their service is extremely tailored to the industry they serve. AppSplit is a crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platform for app developers. Rather than pursuing a singular focus on… Read More

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