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Avnet, Dragon Innovation, & Kickstarter Debuts Hardware Studio

Global technology distributor Avnet (NYSE: AVT) announced on Tuesday it has teamed up with Dragon Innovation and Kickstarter to launch Hardware Studio. This new program includes Toolkit, a community site where creators may participate in tutorials and live webinars with industry experts before launching their… Read More

2nd Largest Kickstarter Campaign Ever to Ship this Month

The Coolest Cooler, a crowdfunded product that held the most funded ever title until it was usurped by the Pebble Smartwatch, has announced it will start shipping to backers the end of this month.  While delayed a bit, Coolest Cooler has continued to maintain ongoing… Read More

2nd Most Funded Kickstarter Marches Towards Fullfilment

The Coolest Cooler burst onto the crowdfunding scene hoping to raise a mere $50,000. A re-do of a failed Kickstarter project from the year prior, creator Ryan Grepper spent several months assessing what worked, and what went wrong, before re-launching his crowdfunding project that closed… Read More

Largest Kickstarter Campaign Ever “Coolest Cooler” Starts Shipment Countdown

The largest Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign of all time “Coolest Cooler” has created a “Countdown” page for its over 62,000 backers.  Coolest topped $13.2 million last year affirming its place in the crowdfunding hall of fame. Think about it. Pretty amazing for a cooler. We last… Read More

Hackster & Dragon Innovation Form Partnership

In a letter published on the Hackster site, management announced their new relationship with hardware creation helper Dragon Innovation; We recently learned that thousands of people on Hackster are interested in building commercial products. Naturally we decided to do something about it. We are thrilled… Read More

Largest Kickstarter Campaign Ever “Coolest Cooler” Announces Upgrades, Pushes Back Ship Date

In a note to supporters, Coolest Cooler creator Ryan Grepper announced a list of product upgrades along with a change in expected shipping dates.  As it stands today, Coolest Cooler will ship early Summer 2015 “probably July”.  This contrasts the originally scheduled ship date of… Read More

Coolest Cooler Partners with Dragon Innovation on Production

Coolest Cooler, the largest crowdfunding campaign ever on the Kickstarter platform, is working with Dragon Innovation to aid in the production process of manufacturing, shipping and delivering over 60,000 tricked out coolers by early 2015.  In a note to backers, project creator Ryan Grepper delivered… Read More

Fundable, Dragon Innovation, Partner Up

Fundable, an investment crowdfunding platform, has announced a partnership with Dragon Innovation, a hardware  authority. For hardware companies utilizing the Fundable platform, Dragon Innovation will now review and certify the products via the “Dragon Certified program”. This process will demonstrate to potential backers / investors… Read More

Dragon Innovation To Launch Two New Features For Hardware-Related Crowdfunding Startups

Dragon Innovation is a niche crowdfunding play aimed directly at servicing the funding needs of hardware-related startups. The platform has now announced two new upcoming features; one aims to place a Dragon Innovation seal of approval on internally vetted campaigns, and the other follows a… Read More

One Million Dollar Challenge from Dragon Innovation

Any entrepreneur that can raise $1 million or more through the Dragon Innovation crowdfunding platform will receive an additional $100,000 in the form of a convertible note from the company.  Dragon is a crowdfunding site that targets hardware entrepreneurs.  The company not only crowdfunds but… Read More

What Is The Future Of Crowdfunding? Six Emergent Trends For 2014

An anonymous user on Quora asked me and a few others to answer the following question: What is the future of Crowdfunding? It’s a great question and one we think about quite often here at Crowdfund Insider. We cover so many stories in the space and… Read More

Dragon Innovation Alum Technical Machine Raises $1M Seed Round, Plans Move To Silicon Valley

Technical Machine is a startup that up to now has been based at Olin College. They’re also the outfit behind the Tessel, a device we’ve reported on in the past. The Tessel is a small microcontroller that interfaces with real-life objects and can be programmed… Read More

#Crowdfunding News Roundup: November 20, 2013

BackerKit Blog | 2014 is the Year of the Crowdfunding Hero, and she’s got new tools in her belt. BackerKit is a service for crowdfunding project creators that “helps you manage your post-crowdfunding mayhem so that you can deliver on time.” They’ve seen a few… Read More

#Crowdfunding News Roundup: November 18, 2013

Paul Niederer | Crowdfunding and Innovation Paul Niederer is the founder of the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB) and an equity crowdfunding pioneer. On his blog, he explains that crowdfunding is about more than just raising money and goes on to explain how crowdfunding… Read More

Tessel Sets Dragon Innovation Crowdfunding Mark With $196K Raise

The Tessel has successfully raised $196,682 on Dragon Innovation, a maker-focused crowdfunding platform. This represents the largest raise in the short history of Dragon Innovation, which opened to the public on September 5th. Tessel is an internet-connected microcontroller programmable in JavaScript that enables developers to… Read More

Dragon Innovation Successfully Crowdfunds 3 Projects, Continues to Add Projects to Platform

Hardware crowdfunding platform, Dragon Innovation, has announced the success of their first three crowdfunded projects.  The inaugural round of projects having successfully raised funds on their site include: Dash – A DIY Robot having raised $74,461 on a goal of $64,000 Tessel – An internet… Read More

HWTrek Set to Innovate Crowdfunding for Hardware

Tech is very hot in the crowdfunding world these days.  Devices like the ōllo clip, Pebble Smartwatch and Ouya game console have proven the power of crowdfunding a product – from concept to shipped reality.  Many successful hardware products are conceived and engineered in the… Read More

Dragon Follows Launch with Qualcomm Atheros Collaboration

Dragon Innovation hardware crowdfunding platform earlier announced their site had gone live with multiple hardware projects followed the release with a note indicating they were broadening their services further by collaborating with Qualcomm Atheros.  This additional partnership will help facilitate clients growing need to integrate… Read More

Crowdfunding Hardware: Dragon Innovation Launches New Crowdfunding Site

Manufacturing service firm Dragon Innovation has launched a new crowdfunding platform dedicated to funding hardware companies – exclusively.  The new platforms announcement comes after a succcessful round of funding from Flybridge Capital Partners, the Foundry Group, the Box Group, Lerer Ventures and Undercurrent Ventures.  The… Read More

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