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Global Hardware Platform HWTrek Secures $4M During Series A Funding Round

HWTrek, a platform that provides an ecosystem for digital electronics, announced this week that it has successfully raised $4 million during its series a funding round, which was led by WI Harper and ITIC. According to its description, HWTrek pairs manufacturing experts with project creators to help navigate the… Read More

HWTrek to Bring Wireless 3D Headphone to Market After Kickstarter Success

HWTrek, a platform providing an ecosystem for digital electronics, has announced that Hooke, a Brooklyn, NY-based audio innovation lab, has selected HWTrek Product Development Hub (PDH) to manage and monitor its project of the same name’s progress to mass production. Hooke, the first Bluetooth headphone… Read More

HWTrek Launches Navigation Tool for Hardware Creators​

HWTrek, a global community for digital electronics, today announced the beta launch of the HWTrek Project Development Hub (the Hub), the world’s first cloud-based intelligent navigation tool for creators and inventors working to bring hardware projects to market. The Hub generates a management flow tailored… Read More

HWTrek Aids Two Hardware Startups Attract Funding from TMI Holding

HWTrek, a global funding platform and community for digital electronics, has helped two US hardware startups attract new funding from its parent company, TMI Holding (TMI) and will provide ongoing support to aid in their future growth. TMI selected the two campaigns by leveraging HWTrek’s expert community of… Read More

Hardware Platform HWTrek Named Cool Vendor by Gartner

HWTrek, a global community and crowdfunding platform for digital electronics, has been named a “Cool Vendor” in China for 2014 by analyst firm Gartner. According to HWTrek, the report recognizes companies for providing innovative solutions and business models in cloud, infrastructure, mobile, analytics and digitalization…. Read More

HWTrek Asia Innovation Tour Kicks Off

Taiwan based HWTrek, a global community for digital electronics, has kicked off its inaugural Asia Innovation Tour which features networking opportunities with billion-dollar hardware manufacturers and technology giants in Taiwan and mainland China. Organized with startups in mind, the tour started in Taipei, Taiwan, with… Read More

HWTrek Hosts Innovation Tour, Offers 15 Creators Expense Free Trip

HWTrek, a crowdfunding site and digital community for digital electronics, is now accepting applications for its HWTrek Asia Innovation Tour, taking place April 8-9, 2014 in Taipei and April 11-12, 2014 in Beijing, China. The tour will offer hardware creators and startup organizations across the… Read More

HWTrek Releases Crowdfunding Guide

Taiwan based HWTrek, a global community for digital electronics, has released their new Request for Quotation (RFQ) Tool and comprehensive Crowdfunding Guide. These features will further augment HWTrek’s newly launched community platform.   The tools enhance ease-of-use, streamline the RFQ process and provide best practices… Read More

HWTrek Supports Hardware Competition in China

Hardware crowdfunding platform HWTrek (Hardware Trek),  will be participating along with experts from leading global entities at the Hardeggs iFuture Hardware Competition in Beijing, China on March 14, 2014. Focused on the innovative hardware trend and implementing hardware-software combinations, this event integrates world-class resources in… Read More

HWTrek Partners with Over 130 Manufacturers for Hardware Crowdfunding

Taiwan based HWTrek has extended their commitment to hardware inventors announcing partnerships with more than 130 (starting with Taiwan’s top-tier) manufacturers, including global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) including Pegatron, Wistron, Qisda, and WPG Holdings in Asia. The company continues to… Read More

From Idea to Execution, HWTrek Wants to Bring Hardware to Life

Taipei based HWTrek (Hardware Trek) has announced their new consumer electronics community platform aimed to enhance the communication and data exchange between hardware inventors, design and manufacturing experts and financial backers to bring next-generation hardware dreams to market. The new feature enables hardware inventors in the… Read More

Snooperscope Closes Almost 2X Over Goal on Kickstarter

Night vision device for you smartphone “Snooperscope” had a Merry Christmas yesterday closing at £79,686 crowdfunded on Kickstarter on a goal of £40,000.  Crowdfund Insider originally covered Snooperscope earlier this month as they neared their funding objective. London based PSY Corporation had also launched a… Read More

What Is The Future Of Crowdfunding? Six Emergent Trends For 2014

An anonymous user on Quora asked me and a few others to answer the following question: What is the future of Crowdfunding? It’s a great question and one we think about quite often here at Crowdfund Insider. We cover so many stories in the space and… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: The Sim+, Nuke Venom Sunglasses, Declan Squared & Ironthread Wallet

Happy Holidays to everyone from Crowdfund Insider.  We will be the first to suggest that you consider giving the gift of crowdfunding this season.  Yes for most items being crowdfunded you may have to wait to actually receive the gift but there is something very… Read More

Hardware Crowdfunding site HWTrek Goes Public Beta

Hardware Crowdfunding Campaigns Compete to Receive Matching Funds. Unique hardware crowdfunding platform HWTrek (Hardware Trek) has announced public beta of their site.  The company had announced their intentions to move into the Hardware crowdfunding space earlier this year.  HWTrek unites makers, design and manufacturing experts… Read More

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