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Engagement Banking Platform Backbase Acquires Digital Wealth Fintech Nucoro

Backbase, the global firm focused on Engagement Banking software, announced its acquisition of Nucoro, the UK-based digital wealth platform for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition will allow Backbase “to incorporate Nucoro’s headless platform capabilities directly into the Backbase Engagement Banking platform, enabling its customers to… Read More

Bank App Utilization Up, Bank Branch Utilization Down. Will We Ever Go Back?

  Do we need bank branches? No, not really, because old habits can be difficult to break. But the ongoing pandemic is accelerating a digital transformation that was already in play. Fintechs, or Fintech in general, is a big winner in this transformation as populations… Read More

Digital Transformation: Six Million People Downloaded their Bank App for the First Time Due to COVID-19

  It is a wonder why people still drive to a bank branch just to wait in a queue when just about every type of financial transaction can be handled directly on your iPhone today. Habits can be hard to break – especially if you… Read More