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UK’s NatWest Group Calls for Step Change in Banks, Fintechs’ Approach to Open Banking 

In a report published on ‘The (Unmet) Potential of Open Banking’, Oxera identifies the key economic obstacles that are “holding back the wider adoption of Open Banking and the development of new innovative use cases that go beyond the regulatory mandate.” NatWest Group commissioned Oxera,… Read More

UK Legal Group Says Clarity on Digital Assets will Boost Leadership in Digital Securities

  Established by the LawtechUK panel, the UK Jurisdiction Taskforce (UKJT) has issued a statement on digital asset clarity, which will “cement” the UK as the digital financial market leader in digital securities. The research was completed in partnership with the finance and economics consultancy… Read More

UK P2P Finance Association Releases Major Research on Economics of Peer to Peer Lending

The UK Peer to Peer Finance Association (P2PFA) has released a commissioned study on the economics of the peer to peer lending market in the UK.  The independent assessment, provided by the economic consulting firm of Oxera, analysed the risks, costs and benefits of peer-to-peer… Read More

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