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Crowdfunded Fashion: 7 Hot Products

[new_royalslider id=”13″] Is it easy for a woman to dress fashionably from head to toe in crowdfund couture? Yes, and, as it turns out, more and more easily given the growing options. [*Full disclosure: some of these items are still in production, and hence, untested…. Read More

Parke Active Denim Closes at Over $220,000 Crowdfunded

Campaign on Kickstarter Raises 10X Original $20,000 Goal. Parke Premium Active Denim crowdfunding campaign closed yesterday on Kickstarter shattering their $20,000 goal.  The final tally stood at $221,509 raised from 1784 backers.  The fashion crowdfunding campaign exemplified a professionally operated and structured approach to crowdfunding… Read More

Six Hot Fashion Crowdfunding Campaigns on Kickstarter Now

Below are six fashion campaigns crowdfunding on Kickstarter now.  If you are interested check them out on Kickstarter today where you may be one of the first to enjoy these high quality products.  Otherwise you will have to wait until you see them in a… Read More

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