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Hong Kong Financial Secretary Warns Lowering Tax May Not Revive City’s Stock Market

Hong Kong’s Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po cautioned in his weekly blog on Sunday that merely lowering the tax on securities trading would not necessarily breathe new life into city’s lethargic stock market, and added that piecemeal measures could be counterproductive. This is his first… Read More

China Introduces Wealth Management Connect with Assistance from Hong Kong, Macau

China has reportedly introduced the Wealth Management Connect (WMC) along with Hong Kong and Macau in order to conduct cross-border investments in various wealth management products distributed by banking institutions in the region. The Wealth Management Connect trading scheme will be handling 300 billion yuan… Read More

Hong Kong Claims Fintech Leadership Following Fintech Week

  Hong Kong Fintech Week ended on October 27th. According to organizers, the main story emerging from the week long event is the fact that Hong Kong is very much a Fintech leader in Asia. Frequently compared to Singapore – regularly viewed as the leading… Read More

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