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Kickstarter Announces Game Roster For the 2017 PAX East

On Tuesday, crowdfunding giant Kickstarter announced the games that are participating in its Game Castle at this year’s PAX East, which will take place on March 10th-12th in Boston. The funding portal revealed: “Featured tabletop games include Elan Lee’s Kickstarter record-smashing Exploding Kittens — which raised… Read More

Kickstarter Success “Armello” Heading to Xbox One

On Tuesday, creators of Kickstarter alum Armello, League of Geeks, announced that the game is set to hit Xbox One later this year.  The description of the game reads,“The King, once Armello’s wise and benevolent ruler, has fallen ill to a dark and mysterious force known only as… Read More

Brief: Kickstarter Preps For PAX East 2016 Gaming Convention in Boston

This week, crowdfunding giant Kickstarter announced details about its “Game Dungeon” at the PAX East 2016 gaming convention in Boston April 22nd-24th. The show is considered one of the largest gaming events in North America. While discussing the event, the Kickstarter crew stated: “Publishers, developers, and… Read More

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