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Cards Against Humanity Crowdfunds a Hole (Yes, a Hole)

Cards Against Humanity is crowdfunding a “tremendous” hole in the ground. People are committing their money to pay for the digging and, as it stands right now, over $100,000 has been raised. What say you? What is the “deeper” meaning here in this great hole?… Read More

Brief: Kickstarter Preps For 2016 Gen Con Appearance & Announces Collaboration With Cards Against Humanity

With the 2016 Gen Con set to kick off in Indianapolis this Thursday, crowdfunding platform Kickstarter announced its lineup for the board game convention. The funding website revealed that it has teamed up with Cards Against Humanity to host a range of board games for… Read More

Kickstarter Declares: $500M Pledged to Game Projects (Infographic)

Kickstarter announced on Wednesday that $500 million has been pledged to game projects on its crowdfunding platform. The funding portal stated: “Overall, more than 2 million people have backed Games projects on Kickstarter, successfully funding nearly 8,000 projects. And more games backers sign up every… Read More

Brief: Kickstarter Preps For PAX East 2016 Gaming Convention in Boston

This week, crowdfunding giant Kickstarter announced details about its “Game Dungeon” at the PAX East 2016 gaming convention in Boston April 22nd-24th. The show is considered one of the largest gaming events in North America. While discussing the event, the Kickstarter crew stated: “Publishers, developers, and… Read More

Cards Against Humanity Max Temkin Takes To Kickstarter With New Monthly Zine

Hoping for yet another Kickstarter success, Cards Against Humanity creator Max Temkin has launched his fifth campaign on the crowdfunding giant’s platform for his new project, Maxistentialism Zine. For those who don’t know what a zine is, Rookie defines it as self-published, small circulation, often nonprofit books, papers,… Read More

Exploding Kittens Nears $5.5M on Kickstarter; Cards Against Humanity’s Max Temkin Shares His Thoughts About the Game

  With less than two weeks left until its Kickstarter campaign comes to an end, Exploding Kittens is gearing up to hit another milestone in its successful crowdfunding experience. The project has raised $5,463,316 from 138,284 backers (as of this morning). Exploding Kittens captured over a million the first… Read More

‘Cards Against Humanity’ raises $70,000 for Wikipedia

Cards Against Humanity, the adults-only party game that got its start thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign at the beginning of 2011, has closed out 2012 with a $70,000 payment to the Wikimedia Foundation to ensure the continuation of Wikipedia as a free online resource…. Read More

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