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Fintech Firm Finix Is Now a Payments Processor

Finix is now a payments processor, which will help with simplifying the payments stack. With direct integrations to American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa, Finix offers businesses everything they need “to build world-class payments and embedded fintech experiences.” Finix is pleased to announce their launch… Read More

Fintech ZEBEDEE to Enhance International Payments with Tech Connecting US, UK, EU, Brazil, the Philippines

ZEBEDEE, a payments processor, has announced an overhaul of how users can move money across the world. The upgraded feature for borderless transactions showcases “the power and potential of global, friction-free and currency-agnostic payments and represents a significant improvement and simplification of how anyone can… Read More

FIS Increases Approval Rates, Decreases E-Commerce Fraud Liability with “Guaranteed” Payments

Financial technology platform FIS (NYSE: FIS) announced the launch of its Guaranteed Payments solution, becoming the “only” payments processor to “offer a fully integrated solution designed to guarantee merchants increased eCommerce transaction approval rates and eliminate the financial liability of chargebacks due to fraudulent purchases.”… Read More

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