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Crypto Education: Philcoin, the Blockchain Platform Focused on Philanthropy, Partners with Repton Family of Schools in the UAE

Philcoin, the blockchain platform dedicated to philanthropy, announces its collaboration with the Repton Family of Schools in the UAE. This partnership, part of Excella‘s esteemed network of high-performing K-12 institutions, promises to “turn student achievements into tools for fostering philanthropy through cryptocurrency tokens.” As the… Read More

Philcoin to Allow Digital Asset Investors to Donate to Charities

Philcoin, which claims to be one of the largest philanthropic movements, is changing the way crypto users “view and respond to the current bear market.” Despite the conditions and controversies regarding crypto company fallouts, Philcoin launches products “focused on generating individual wealth and empowerment.” Philcoin’s… Read More

Digital Assets: Philcoin Staking Now Live

Philcoin’s staking rewards are now live. Philcoin is described as “a philanthropic blockchain movement.” Philanthropy and giving back have been “built into the very fabric of [their] company — from [their] business model, to [their] culture, technology and community rewards.” Their staking mechanism is “the… Read More

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