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Stacking DAO Teams Up with Copper, a Digital Asset Custody Provider

Stacking DAO, the liquid staking platform on the Stacks blockchain, has forged a partnership with Copper, a digital asset custody, collateral management and prime services provider. Stacking DAO offers users the ability “to partake in Stacks consensus staking rewards while simultaneously engaging in diverse DeFi… Read More

Digital Asset Firm BitGo to Support swETH and rswETH, the Liquid Staking and Restaking Tokens for Swell

BitGo has announced support for swETH and rswETH, the liquid staking and liquid restaking tokens for Swell, respectively. Clients can now custody both in Hot, Custodial, and Self-Managed Cold wallets. As explained in a blog post by BitGo, Swell is “a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform… Read More

Gemini Is Serving as Custodian for ETH Staking ETF Fund Launched By Purpose Investments

Gemini is serving as the custodian for a “landmark” ether staking ETF fund launched recently by Purpose Investments, following the development of custom custody infrastructure that will enable third-party staking from Gemini Custody. The fund, Purpose Ether Staking Corp. ETF (“ETHC.B”), is said to be… Read More

Ethereum and Solana Staking for Institutions Enabled via Maple Finance and Figment Partnership

Figment has collaborated its protocol staking solutions with Maple Finance, which claims to set itself apart as an innovator in the digital asset lending space with its diversified lending solutions. Now that Maple Finance can stake their client’s digital assets, it will “provide more security… Read More

Robinhood Crypto Introduces Staking for European Clients with Localized Apps to Follow

Robinhood (NASDAQ:HOOD), which recently received a Wells Notice from the SEC, has announced a series of new features offered by Robinhood Crypto specifically designed for its customers in Europe, including staking, localized apps, crypto rewards for new customers, and updated Learn & Earn modules. These… Read More

Bitcoin Suisse Expands Digital Assets Offering with Trading and Custody Services for Starknet (STRK)

Bitcoin Suisse, the Swiss-based pioneer in crypto-financial services, is pleased to announce the addition of Starknet (STRK) trading and custody to its platform. This latest development underscores Bitcoin Suisse’s commitment to “providing its clients with access to innovative blockchain projects and investment opportunities.” Starknet is… Read More

Ethereum (ETH) Staking Now Supported via Ledger and Figment Partnership

The team at Figment is pleased to announce a continuation of our collaboration with Ledger, bringing Ethereum staking to the Ledger Live application. This collaboration gives ETH token holders “the ability to stake their Ethereum in increments of 32, directly through their Ledger devices.” The… Read More

Nubit, the Bitcoin Native Data Availability Layer, Partners with BTC Staking Protocol Babylon

Nubit, the Bitcoin-native data availability layer, is announcing their collaboration with Babylon, which emerges as the native Bitcoin staking and timestamping protocol, “poised to unlock 21 million Bitcoin to secure the decentralized economy.” This collaboration marks a milestone in their journey “to scale and secure… Read More

Solana (SOL) and Cosmos (ATOM) Staking to Be Supported by Netcoins Canada

BIGG Digital Assets Inc. (CSE: BIGG), an innovator in the digital assets space and owner of Netcoins, and Blockchain Intelligence Group and TerraZero is pleased to report that Netcoins will be expanding its staking services in Canada “with the launch of Solana and ATOM on… Read More

Staking on Ethereum Network Captures Significant Attention Since “The Merge” – Report

As a fundamental aspect of validating and securing proof of stake (PoS) blockchains, staking on the Ethereum network has captured significant attention since “The Merge,” according to an extensive report from Coin Metrics. The Coin Metrics team notes in their weekly report that currently, over… Read More

Ethereum (ETH) Staking ETP Introduced by ETC Group, Listed on Deutsche Börse XETRA

ETC Group is unveiling its latest ETP listed on Deutsche Börse XETRA, the ETC Group Ethereum Staking ETP (ticker ET32; ISIN DE000A3G90G9), a total return exchange-traded product that tracks the Compass Ethereum Total Return Monthly Index. Specifically tailored to meet the rigorous requirements of institutional… Read More

Binance Labs Invests in Babylon to Support Bitcoin Staking

Binance Labs, the venture capital and incubation arm of Binance has invested in Babylon, a Bitcoin staking protocol that supports the concept of native Bitcoin staking allowing users to stake bitcoins for PoS blockchains and earn yields without any third-party custody, bridge solutions or wrapping… Read More

Coinshares ETP Incorporates Staking Rewards for Ethereum

Coinshares says it now offers an exchange-traded product (ETP) that offers 1.25% staking rewards for Ethereum (Nasdaq Stockholm: CS; US OTCQX: CNSRF). The ETP does not hold a fee. The ETP trades on Nasdaq Stockholm and OTC Markets. Frank Spiteri, Head of Asset Management at… Read More

Binance Labs Invests in Puffer to Enable Decentralized Liquid Restaking

Binance Labs, the venture capital and incubation arm of Binance, has invested in Puffer, a decentralized and permissionless native liquid restaking protocol (nLRP) that combines Ethereum liquid staking with native restaking on EigenLayer. The invested funds will be used “to develop Puffer’s open-source technologies, its… Read More

Digital Assets Staking Tech Firm Kiln Acquires New Funding

Kiln says that it is entering 2024 with confidence, thanks to a $17 million new funding round that was reportedly led by 1kx. Kiln’s management noted that they’re confirming the close of their latest $17 million funding round, which was led by 1kx, along “with… Read More

Digital Assets and DeFi Adoption: Liquid Staking Product xALGO Launches on Avalanche

Folks Finance, the DeFi app on Algorand, continues its expansion into new networks by bringing xALGO into the Avalanche ecosystem. Powered by Wormhole technology, this is reportedly “the first Avalanche-Algorand cross-chain DeFi product available.” xALGO is a liquid staking derivative; “a yield-bearing version of ALGO… Read More

Digital Asset Platform CoinList Reports Steady Growth, Shares Outlook for 2024

This year has been a “true test” for crypto, according to an update from CoinList. Digital asset platform CoinList noted in a blog post that during 2022, the blockchain/DLT industry “faced macroeconomic challenges, scandals, criminal trials, enforcement actions, and a handful of notable collapses and… Read More

Bitcoin Suisse Introduces API Platform for Trading and Staking Intended for Institutional Clients

Bitcoin Suisse, which claims to be the “trusted” Swiss crypto investment partner, today announced the release of a suite of robust Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). These APIs provide access “to trading and staking services, enabling institutional clients to use and create customized crypto offerings, simplify… Read More

HBAR Foundation, Archax to Work on Tokenization Projects, Expand Digital Asset Staking Support

The HBAR Foundation and Archax have shared plans to enhance their partnership by expanding support for HBAR staking, the native cryptocurrency of the Hedera network, as well as the pursuit of further tokenisation projects. Building on the recent addition of HBAR to its crypto spot… Read More

Digital Assets: Netcoins Reports Steady Growth as Crypto Market Recovers

BIGG Digital Assets Inc. (CSE: BIGG), owner of Netcoins as well as Netcoins USA (Netcoins.com), the online crypto trading platform that makes it easy for North Americans to buy, sell, and stake cryptocurrency, is pleased to “update investors on its recent trading and platform performance… Read More

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