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Pig Butchering Scam Target of CFTC Enforcement Action

Another Pig Butchering scam is in the news again. “Sha Zhu Pan” or “Pig Butchering” is a romance plot designed to fleece the funds of the unsuspecting. In this case, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has filed an enforcement action against Cunwen Zhu and… Read More

NASAA Publishes Annual List of Threats to Retail Investors, Digital Assets at the Top

The North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) has posted its annual list of top threats for retail investors. In the past, innovations like securities crowdfunding joined the group. The 2023 list leads with digital assets at the top of the list as regulators point to… Read More

Crypto Scam: Feds Seize $112 Million Related to Digital Asset Con Job, Targets Were Enticed to Make Investments on Fake Crypto Exchanges

  Crypto Con: “Sha Zhu Pan” or pig butchering in Chinese Fraudsters and crooks tend to rehash their scams over time; the only thing that changes is the technology and tools utilized to separate money from the unsuspecting. Yesterday, the US Department of Justice (DOJ)… Read More

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