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Coinbase Ventures Participates in $1.75M Farworld Labs’ Pre-Seed

Coinbase Ventures is among the participants in a $1.75 million pre-seed funding round for Farworld Labs, a gaming and media consortium. The round was co-led by Lemniscap and Variant, with additional participation from Base Ecosystem Fund. The funding will enable Farworld Labs to expedite the… Read More

Funding for Pre-Seed Firms Reportedly Stayed Robust in Q1 2024, Dominated by SAFEs and Convertible Notes

Carta has released its latest report, titled, State of Pre-Seed: Q1 2024. Carta notes in the research report that fundraising for pre-seed companies “stayed robust in Q1 2024, dominated by SAFEs and convertible notes; valuation caps remained flat.” While commenting on the actual definition/criteria for… Read More

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