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VC Fundraising Market Remained Slow in Q1 2024 But Valuations Held Steady – Carta Private Markets Report

Carta has released their State of Private Markets: Q1 2024 report. Carta notes that the venture capital fundraising market “remained slow in Q1 2024, but valuations held steady or climbed at almost every stage.” Carta also mentions that the startup fundraising market “got off to… Read More

Funding for Pre-Seed Firms Reportedly Stayed Robust in Q1 2024, Dominated by SAFEs and Convertible Notes

Carta has released its latest report, titled, State of Pre-Seed: Q1 2024. Carta notes in the research report that fundraising for pre-seed companies “stayed robust in Q1 2024, dominated by SAFEs and convertible notes; valuation caps remained flat.” While commenting on the actual definition/criteria for… Read More

Median Pre-Money Valuations Ticked Upwards for Most Venture Stages – Carta Private Markets Update for Q4 ’23

Every quarter, Carta releases information on the startup ecosystem in their State of Private Markets report. Carta, a software development firm focused on equity management software, explains in a blog post that it can take a few weeks for rounds to “be recorded on our… Read More

Startup Compensation and Hiring Experience Reset as VC backed Firms Face Bear-Market – Report

As VC-backed startups continue to contend with bear-market headwinds, startup hiring and compensation have undergone a reset, according to an update from Carta. Last year marked a startup employment contraction: There were more total job departures from companies on Carta in 2023 than there “were… Read More

Venture Deal Count on Carta Declines 24% YoY, Cash Raised by Startups Fell 50%

During the rise and fall of an “unprecedented” bull market across 2021 and 2022, founders and investors had to navigate a wild ride of ups and downs, the team at Carta noted. That volatility diminished in 2023. The startup ecosystem trundled “along at a slow… Read More

Carta Is Exiting Secondary Trading Market to Eliminate Concerns About Not Acting in Founders’ “Best Interests”

Henry Ward, the CEO at Carta, says that the firm should no longer facilitate secondary trading of private securities. Secondary transactions for private securities is an emerging sector of Fintech that provides shareholders with an alternative to an M&A or IPO event to exit an… Read More

Carta Private Markets Update: Slight Increases in Valuations, Median Pre-Money Valuations Surged Across Nearly All VC Stages

Every quarter, Carta releases information on the startup ecosystem in their State of Private Markets report. Carta‘s “first cut” of data as close to the end of the quarter as possible has been shred. This initial analysis focuses “on round valuations and cash raised across… Read More

Carta to Assist US-based Startups with Complying with Corporate Transparency Act

Effective January 1, 2024, virtually all new companies being incorporated in the United States will need to “comply with the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA),” the team at Carta noted. As explained in a blog post by Carta, this new law will “require them to submit… Read More

Equity Management Platform Carta Announces Middle East Expansion

Global equity management company Carta announced plans to expand operations to the Middle East—citing a 180% increase in year-over-year bookings across the broader Asia Pacific region, and “launching with flagship Middle East customers including Global Ventures, BECO Capital, Cotu Ventures, and Outliers VC and Middle… Read More

Equity Management Fintech Carta Announces Another Round of Layoffs

US-headquartered equity management Fintech Carta is reportedly announcing another round of layoffs. As first reported by Fortune, three workers have stated that San Fransisco-headquartered Carta is currently going through a restructuring process for the third time in 2023. The two other layoff announcements had been… Read More

Capital Raised by Startups on Carta Declined by 38% from Q2 to Q3, Number of Venture Fundraising Rounds Fell by 27%

The downturn that has defined the venture capital industry for much of the past two years continued in the third quarter of 2023, according to an update from Carta. The amount of capital raised by startups on Carta “declined by 38% from Q2 to Q3,… Read More

Carta, Assemble to Streamline Startup Compensation Planning

Assemble users can now view Carta Total Compensation benchmarking data and cap table information within the Assemble platform, making it easier to “build a startup compensation strategy.” In the past, Assemble customers had “to log in to Carta separately to access Total Comp or their… Read More

Startup Fundraising Slump Is Having Major Ripple Effects on Employee Compensation, Carta Report Claims

The “chill” in startup fundraising is having major ripple effects on startup employee compensation, according to a comprehensive update from Carta. Startups on Carta collectively raised “about $28 billion through the first half of 2023.” That was less than half of the total funds “raised… Read More

Carta Releases State of Pre-Seed Fundraising Report for Q2 2023

Every startup begins as a pre-seed company, the team at Carta notes in a blog post. At Carta, they define “pre-seed” as any company that “has yet to raise a priced equity round.” These nascent businesses usually raise capital “with convertible instruments, the most common… Read More

Venture Funding on Carta Inched Upward in Q2, as Startups Raised $15.4B+ in Q2 2023

Venture funding on Carta inched upward in Q2. Startups combined “to raise more than $15.4 billion in funding during the second quarter of 2023, up 26% from Q1.” In several other areas of the venture landscape, “such as early-stage valuations and late-stage deal counts, the… Read More

Across All Funding Stages, Q2 2023 Valuations Came in Above Those of Q1: Carta State of Private Markets Report

Every quarter, Carta releases information on the startup ecosystem in their State of Private Markets report. It can take a few weeks for rounds to be recorded on their platform, so they produce a full analysis after they get the final numbers. However, Carta publishes… Read More

Private Markets Report: Venture Capital Raised by Startups Plunged 80% from Q1 ’22 to Q1 ’23

The transformation of the venture capital industry over the past year has been “stark,” according to a recent update shared by Carta. Carta writes in a blog post that the total venture capital “raised by startups plunged 80% from Q1 2022 to Q1 2023.” Venture… Read More

Global Hiring, Recruitment Tools: International Salary, Equity Compensation Data Provided via Carta Total Compensation

Carta released the “first-ever” database of international salary and equity compensation data—tailored for venture-backed startups. The new data set “includes geo-adjusted compensation rates for 32 roles in over 40 countries and will be available immediately to all Carta Total Compensation customers, making it possible for… Read More

Here is the List of Proposed Legislation to Improve Access to Capital, Including Accredited Investor Fix, More

Expanding Access to Capital Act of 2023 is JOBS Act Improvement Legislation Last week during a hearing of the House Subcommittee on Capital Formation, a discussion focused on improving access to capital for early-stage firms as well as boosting retail investment options. Entitled A Roadmap… Read More

Carta Shares Update on State of Private Markets for Q1 2023

Every quarter, Carta releases information on the startup ecosystem in their comprehensive State of Private Markets report. It can take a few weeks for rounds to be recorded on their platform, so they share a full analysis after they get the final numbers, Carta notes… Read More

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