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Shopstarter Allows Preorders After A Crowdfunding Campaign

Shopstarter is an easy-to-use online platform that allows anyone to accept pre-orders for a product after a successful crowdfunding campaign. Shopstarter was created by co-founders Alex Kennberg and Brian Park, two ex-Googlers from Toronto. According to their web site, the pair have experience working on… Read More

Trying Celery: An Interview With Chris Tsai And Brian Nguyen

Last month we covered the launch of an e-commerce platform called Celery. Celery is the product of a company called Airbrite, forged in the famed Y Combinator incubator and aimed squarely at making e-commerce and the process of collecting preorders easier. This makes Celery a… Read More

Payment Startup Celery Targets Successful Kickstarter Projects

Celery has launched a payment tool that allows anyone to take pre-orders for a product they plan on creating. Credit cards are not charged until the product is ready to ship. You can see an example page here. According to their web site, Celery is… Read More

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