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Proptech: Fundrise Innovation Fund Invests in Jetty, a Financial Services Platform for Rental Real Estate Industry

The Fundrise Innovation Fund has invested $2 million into Jetty, a financial services platform for the rental real estate industry. Rental housing represents roughly 12% of US GDP, “making it the largest addressable market by several measures.” Yet, it has historically “been overlooked in spite… Read More

Fintech Velo Payments to Acquire YapStone, a Payment Processing Platform Focused on Vacation Rental Industry

Velo Payments, Inc. is acquiring YapStone Inc., a payment processing platform in the short-term and vacation rental industry, known for its payment solution, The definitive merger agreement signifies “a strategic alignment of vision and technology, combining Yapstone’s established payfac and MSB licensure with Velo’s complex… Read More

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