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UK’s Nottingham Building Society Announces Updates to Mortgage Products

Nottingham Building Society has announced further updates to its mortgage products, designed to support both residential and Buy-To-Let mortgage applicants. The new products, launched this week, “offer advantages for a broad spectrum of borrowers against a volatile economic backdrop.” Amongst the latest offerings is a… Read More

Proptee, a New UK based Property Investment Platform, to Launch Operations in January 2021

Proptee, a new property investment platform, is planning to launch operations in the UK in January 2021. The platform will aim to connect potential investors with buy-to-let landlords. Proptee will let landlords list various properties on its platform. Investors will be able to acquire shares… Read More

Assetz Capital CEO Claims the UK’s Residential Property Sector will be the Primary Beneficiary from COVID-19’s Impact on Retail Industry

Stuart Law, CEO at Assetz Capital, a peer to peer lender providing secured loans to businesses, argues that residential property in the UK will be the primary beneficiary from COVID-19’s negative impact on the nation’s retail industry. As reported by Peer2Peer Finance, there’s an improvement… Read More

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