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Kickstarter Preps for the 2014 Film Festival in New York

Kickstarter is ready for the first showing of the 2014 Film Festival in Brooklyn! The crowdfunding giant shared some details about the event, which will take place this Friday (July 18th). The festival features a selection from the platform’s favorite films, shorts, web series, animations,… Read More

Crowdfunded Films From Kickstarter, Indiegogo Net Four Awards At Sundance

Crowdfunded films were everywhere at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Kickstarter alone fielded 20 alumni and Indiegogo chipped in six more. A complete list of Kickstarter-and-Indiegogo-funded entries are available in the following articles… Sundance Film Festival Includes 20 Kickstarter Funded Films for 2014 Indiegogo at… Read More

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