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Update: ioLight Nears£250,000 Funding Target During the Final Week on Crowdcube

With less than one week until its second Crowdcube campaign comes to an end, ioLight is currently nearing its initial £250,000 funding target. This initiative comes just two years after the company raised £242,180 from 249 through the equity crowdfunding platform. The company, which was founded in… Read More

ioLight Launches Second Crowdcube Campaign: Seeks £250,000 For Growth & Expansion

Less than two years after securing £242,180 from 249 investors through its campaign on Crowdcube, ioLight has launched its second initiative on the equity crowdfunding platform and is currently seeking £250,000. As previously reported, ioLight was founded in 2014 by Andrew Monk and Richard Williams. The company is the… Read More

Larger Than Life & Overfunding On Crowdcube: IoLight’s High-Res Mobile Microscope Displays Images On Phone

Normally, the larger the bug (or worse, spider) that frisks across my path, the stronger my tendency to cringe. But a little–actually, a lot–closer, and aspects of that skittering speck become almost beautiful: a lace wing, a multifaceted eye. ioLight, maker of a high-resolution portable microscope… Read More

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