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Paysend Crosses the Atlantic to Setup Operations in America

Paysend, a UK based money transfer, and payments firm, has expanded its services into the US. According to a release, the company’s move into the US is being enabled by Paysend’s partnership with Central Payments, the payments subsidiary of Central Bank of Kansas City. Paysend… Read More

Fintech Paysend Closes £8.5 Million Series B, £4.6 Million from Seedrs Investors

International money transfer Fintech Paysend has closed an £8.5 million Series B funding round. The securities offering was combination VC/crowdfunding offer as GVA invested £3.95 million while smaller investors contributed £4.26 million via the Seedrs crowdfunding platform. The additional capital will be used to fuel… Read More

Paysend launches XDR Stablecoin, Seedrs Crowdfunding Round Overfunding

Paysend, an FCA regulated payments platform, has officially launched its anticipated stablecoin. The Pays XDR stablecoin is backed by a basket of five fiat currencies including the US Dollar, Euro, Yen, Chinese Yuan and Pound Sterling. The stablecoin is using the Stellar blockchain and is… Read More

FCA Licensed e-Money Institution Paysend Plans Stablecoin on Stellar

Paysend Group, an FCA licensed e-Money institution, is planning to issue a stablecoin in June. Paysend is using Stellar to provide the crypto that will allow its users to send instant global payments without the traditional cross-border fees. Paysend notes that Stellar was designed expressly… Read More

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