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Pooja Ranjan from Ethereum Cat Herders Shares Latest ETH 1.0 and 2.0 Developer Ecosystem Updates

Pooja Ranjan, the Herder-in-Chief @EthCatHerders, Founder @ether_world, Co-founder @blockaction_io, has published a blog post update for Ethereum Cat Herders (#40). Ranjan, who regularly shares news and views about blockchain or distributed ledger tech (DLT), notes that the Berlin upgrade has been announced, The (Ethereum) Ropsten… Read More

Leading DeFi Protocol Compound (COMP) Introduces its Own Permissionless, Upgradable Price Feed

Leading decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol Compound (COMP) has introduced its own permissionless (public), upgradable price feed. A price oracle is a third-party, “decentralized” feed that offers the data needed to process blockchain-based smart contracts. There are currently many Open Finance or DeFi platforms that use… Read More

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