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Wiivv Set to Complete Custom Fit Sandal Kickstarter Campaign With Nearly $525,000 in Funds

With its Custom Fit Sandal Kickstarter campaign set to close in less than 24 hours, Wiivv has successfully secured nearly $525,000 from more than 4650 backers for the project. The California startup launched the campaign last month and was seeking to raise a minimum of $250,000…. Read More

Update: Wiivv Surpasses $300,000 Through Latest Kickstarter Initiative

With its second Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign set to close next week, Wiivv has successfully secured $300,000 for its new custom fit sandal project. The initiative was launched last month, seeking $250,000. As previously reported, Wiivv Custom Fit Sandals are digitally mapped from users’ smartphone. Wiivvs are notably… Read More

Wiivv Returns to Kickstarter: Seeks $250,000 For Custom Fit Sandals

Bionics company that creates custom 3D printed gear, Wiivv, has returned to crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The company is seeking $250,000 for its new custom fit sandals. This new campaign comes less than two months after Wiivv secured $4 million during its Series A funding round and… Read More

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