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Return of “Terrible Token Tuesdays”

After last week’s post was suspiciously ‘downvoted’ into obscurity on Reddit, this Tuesday saw the triumphant return to Reddit of the “Terrible Token Tuesdays” post that every week identifies particularly bad ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) investors may want to steer clear of. “Terrible Token Tuesdays”… Read More

Crowdsourced Crypto Due-Dilligence Platform Publishing “Terrible Token Tuesday” Lists

Redditors “Scott Lew” and “Nassim” have started a “self-funded” and crowdsourced due-diligence initiative currently red-flagging questionable ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) in regular “Terrible Token Tuesday” posts at the website ConcourseQ.io. The latest issue of Terrible Token Tuesdays, in fact, red flags the project “Abyss,” one… Read More

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