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Crowdfunding in Germany Today

Germany is the single largest market in all of the European Union.  With a population of around 82 million, a highly educated population and many top global corporations it is the economic engine of Europe today. The crowdfunding industry has benefited from this significant base… Read More

Germany: The Largest Equity Crowdfunding Campaigns of 2013

The list below represents the largest investment crowdfunding campaigns in Germany during 2013.  The compilation is courtesy of Crowdstreet.de and includes the largest equity campaigns from a variety of crowdfunding sites.  Klaus-Martin Meyer is the owner and operator of Crowdstreet.de, a blog that covers the German… Read More

WATCH: This Amazing Electric Helicopter Raised 1.2M Euros On Seedmatch

A German company called e-volo has successfully raised €1,2 million in a crowdfunding offering on Seedmatch.de for a crazy 18-propeller electric helicopter. Called the “Volocopter,” the e-volo team thinks this new approach to manned aerial flight can revolutionize the way we live and travel. The Volocopter… Read More

Secucloud Crowdfunds €500,000 on Seedmatch in Less Than 2 Days

Hamburg, Germany based tech startup Secucloud has broken a record:  raising 500,000 euros  via crowdfunding in just one day, ten hours and four minutes on German platform Seedmatch. “We are incredibly happy about the successful financing and are very thankful to the investors for their… Read More

Equity Crowdfunding In Europe: Where It Stands

The European Crowdfunding Network has published a whitepaper explaining the state of crowdfunding regulation in the UK, Spain, Italy and Germany. The document explores how all four countries are simultaneously taking their own unique approaches to implementing crowdfunding while clearly learning from one another as they… Read More

Crowdfunding emerges as source of capital for clean

With early stage capital for cleantech innovation becoming increasingly scarce, crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and a new crop of clean/green ones are beginning to emerge as significant sources of funding for selected next-gen clean technologies. Hurdles remain, particularly for investors seeking returns, but I’m more optimistic about… Read More

The 1st Follow-up Financing on Seedmatch (Germany)

(Staff Translation) The Crowdfunding portal Seedmatch (www.seedmatch.de) is making further innovations: Going forward, start ups are able to launch follow-up financing campaigns via Crowdfunding. The Freiburg based start up Leaserad is the first enterprise seeking Seedmatch’s assistance for the 2nd time in a row. It already collected 100.000 Euros… Read More

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