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What Crowdfunding Platforms Do in Times of #COVID19 and Why Governments Should Use Crowdfunding to Battle the Economic Impact of #Socialdistancing

The Crowdfunding industry is well aware of what economists call externalities – the fact that behavior of some people has an unintended impact on other people. Positive externalities can be observed on the Crowdfunding platforms every day due to the willingness of people to join… Read More

German Crowdfunding Network Thought Leader & IKOSOM Founder Karsten Wenzlaff: Interview Highlights German Crowdfunding Markets

In recent weeks  The University of Cambridge has teamed up with EY, the global professional services organization, and launched the European Alternative Finance Benchmarking Survey with the support of major European industry associations. This is the largest study to date on crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending and other forms of alternative finance in… Read More

Germany: The Largest Equity Crowdfunding Campaigns of 2013

The list below represents the largest investment crowdfunding campaigns in Germany during 2013.  The compilation is courtesy of Crowdstreet.de and includes the largest equity campaigns from a variety of crowdfunding sites.  Klaus-Martin Meyer is the owner and operator of Crowdstreet.de, a blog that covers the German… Read More

Germany: Crowdfunding Helps Start-Ups

(Staff Translation) Crowdfunding can be an alternative to classic financing means for entrepreneurs   To date this form of financing has been deployed mostly to collect smaller sums for social projects.  Roughly 6.6 million Germans have already made online donations for social causes. That corresponds… Read More

For Disillusioned SMEs Hope Is Not Lost

2012 was a tough year for SMEs. The Eurozone crisis rumbled on, economies stagnated or contracted and the banks failed to lend the sums needed to help pull Europe out of the abyss. Government initiatives such as the Funding For Lending (FLS) scheme in the… Read More

College Library SLUB in Dresden celebrates Apocalypse according to Mayan Code

(Staff Translation) Concert, Lectures and Survival Party to celebrate Mayan transition on December 21st 2012 Dresden, November 19th 2012: Scientists, Librarians and Musicians want to wait for the Mayan apocalypse on December 21st 2012 inside the University Library SLUB in Dresden, together with 200 guests… Read More

5000 Euros in 5 days for a book on “Culture as Software”

(Staff Translation) The journalist Dirk von Gehlen was able to find 200 investors for a book project on “Culture as Software”. Together they paid within 5 days the target amount of 5000 Euros, now the project is featured on the crowdfunding platform Startnext with over 6000 Euros. Dirk von… Read More

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