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Online Lending: Smart Lenders Tops $2 Billion in “Crowdlending” Financed

Smart Lenders AM has surpassed $2 billion in online loans financed, claiming to be the top European crowdfunding specialist for debt. Smart Lenders, based in Paris, invests in loans originated in online lending platforms in Europe and the US. Loans include both consumer and business…. Read More

Smart Lenders Issues Comment on Banking Challenges

Smart Lenders AM, an asset management company specializing in managing portfolios of loans from established marketplace lenders, online-lending platforms and crowdlending platforms, has issued a statement in light of the ongoing market volatility and strain on the banking sector. Since its launch, Smart Lenders AM… Read More

Smart Lenders AM Announces New Debt Fund

Smart Lenders AM has announced the launch of the Lending Smart Fund 1, a debt fund targeting European platforms. In a public statement, Smart Lenders said that in Europe, apart from consumer and SMBs loans, the market is composed of new niches, like fractional payments… Read More

Smart Lenders Notes 5th Anniversary of Moonstone Lending Fund

Smart Lenders AM, a France-based asset management firm that is focused on loan portfolios from online lenders, is celebrating the 5th anniversary of its Moonstone Lending Fund (MLF) SIF SICAV launched in July 2016. Smart Lenders moved from London to Paris in 2018. Smart Lenders’… Read More

France: Smart Lenders Tops $1 Billion in Online Loan Investments

Smart Lenders AM, an asset management firm that invests in loans originated on online lending platforms, reports that in June it topped $1 billion in purchases through online lending platforms. The loans include $900 million of consumer loans and $100 million of SMB loans. Launched… Read More

Marketplace Loan Investment Firm Smart Lenders Says Portfolio Has Been Resilient in 2020, Sees Better 2021

The online lending sector has been hammered by the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis as consumers struggled to pay personal loans and SMEs backed away from debt. Many Fintech lenders worked diligently with borrowers to mitigate the impact of the pandemic with loan extensions and deferred… Read More

Smart Lenders AM Receives Equity Investment from Matmut

Smart Lenders AM, a firm that invests in marketplace lending, has received an equity investment from Matmut, according to a company release. Matmut is said to have been an investor in the Moonstone Lending Fund, the main investment vehicle managed by Smart Lenders. Matmut reportedly… Read More

Smart Lenders AM Launches New Investment Fund Specialized in Marketplace Lending

Smart Lenders AM announces the upcoming launch of a new fund dedicated to financing loans to European SMEs issued through marketplace lending platforms (crowdlending). Smart Lenders AM is an asset management firm that specializes exclusively in financing loans issued by online marketplace lenders. Established in… Read More

Finance Minister Pierre Gramegna at ICT Spring: Luxembourg Seeks to Become Hub of FinTech Revolution

In an article posted today in the Luxumburger Wort, Luxembourg Finance Minister Pierre Gramegna commented that FinTech is the engine driving new financial services business models, promoting the Grand Duchy as a location for the burgeoning ICT sector. “What Silicon Valley has in Tech, we have in Fin,”… Read More

Smart Lenders / Direct Lending Investments Delivers 1st European Dollar Denominated Note Backed by P2P Loans

Luxembourg based Direct Lending Investment, advised by Smart Lenders, has created the first US Dollar denominated security that is backed by peer to peer, or marketplace, funded loans.  As part of the process, Direct Lending Investment is using  Orchard’s analytics technology, according to information received… Read More

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