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P2P Lender Yeloha Receives $3.5 Million for US Launch

  Solar roofing can be difficult if you can’t install solar panels on your roof. But a new start-up, Yeloha Inc., allows consumers to be “solar sharers,” with or without a roof. The company recently launched its service with limited availability in Massachusetts this week,… Read More

SRI Conference

The SRI Conference on Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing (formerly SRI in the Rockies) is the premier annual gathering of investors and investment professionals working to make money and direct the flow of investment capital toward a truly sustainable future. The 24th annual SRI Conference will be… Read More

Sustainable, Responsible, Impact (SRI) Investing Conference Learns about Crowdfunding

The 24th Annual SRI Conference will be looking at crowdfunding this year.  Specifically clean tech investing with a panel by Dan Adler, of the Clean Energy Angel Fund and Dan Rosen, CEO of energy crowfunding site Solar Mosaic. The event will be held October 28-30… Read More

Will ‘the crowd’ end up funding the clean energy revolution?

Last week Future360 had a skype interview with Mosaic founder Billy Parish, a young man who’s online crowdfunding platform may end up providing the keys to unlock a solar revolution in the United States. Despite the overwhelming popularity of solar power, U.S. politics have been hostile… Read More

How Crowdfunding Lowers The Cost Of Solar Energy

From Forbes to Fortune, Bloomberg to the Wall Street Journal, a young company named Mosaic has been getting a lot of attention of late. Why? Because Mosaic is bringing crowd-sourced funding to the world of solar PV. Crowdfunding is nothing new. Companies such as Kickstarter… Read More

Pristine Sun Asks Mosaic to Crowdfund California Solar

Pristine Sun and Solar Mosaic, Inc have executed several agreements to close on post-construction permanent loans on the first phase of a portfolio build-out of solar PV farms in California over the next nine months.  Power from the six projects, totaling nearly 6 MW of… Read More

Solar Market Challenging But Crowdfunding An Opportunity

Coming from the pages os PV Magazine is a report that the Solar Market Remains Stock Still.  The article states the; The sector remains a challenging place to do business, as long as subsidies continue to shrink worldwide and panels remain plentiful One of the… Read More

Crowdfunding rewrites the rules of solar financing

Crowdfunding Web sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo have proven incredibly effective in uncovering financial backers for new technologies or businesses that might not otherwise gotten off the ground. The model could also rewrite the rules for funding clean energy projects, particularly rooftop solar installations…. Read More

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