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Stronghold Is Now Working with IBM Blockchain World Wire

Yesterday IBM (NYSE: IBM)  introduced Blockchain World Wire, a real-time global payments network for regulated financial institutions accessible to more than 50 countries. Designed to optimize and accelerate foreign exchange, cross border payments and remittances, Blockchain World Wire claimants to be the first blockchain network… Read More

Firefly Studios Turns To Gambitious For Stronghold Crusader 2 Campaign

Firefly Studios has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Gambitious for a third major installment of their popular real-time simulator series Stronghold. The game allows players to create and defend their kingdoms in real-time. Stronghold Crusader 2 is the game we have been wanting to make for… Read More

Crowdfunding and the Indie Video Game Revolution

Indie Gaming is a big freekin’ deal right now.  Popular games are being developed by hobbyists and small shops now more than ever.  iOS and Android are ubiquitous and provide a pretty low barrier to entry for anyone interested in developing games.  Major games are making their way onto the App… Read More

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