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Abundance & Swindon Borough Council Launch Solar Bond: Following the Sun

The UK’s first ‘Council Solar Bond’ has been introduced today by P2P investment platform Abundance and Swindon Borough Council. The bond will pay investors a 6% return over a 20-year term paid in cash twice yearly, and those who invest within six weeks of today’s launch… Read More

Gary O. Shelton Named CFO of CrowdFunding Cooperative

Sustainability Partnerships and Gary O. Shelton Consulting (GOSC) are collaborating to help small and large businesses effectively launch crowdfunding cooperative campaigns. Gary O. Shelton, CEO of GOSC and CFO of Crowdfunding Cooperative, stated:  “Crowdfunding is the new normal for small business finance.” Today, big companies are becoming… Read More

Sustainability Partnerships Launches Social Media Crowdfunding Cooperative For Green Spaced Industries

On Thursday, Sustainability Partnership announced the launch of its social media crowdfunding cooperative for live radio, chat, jobs, events and road shows that have a green earth and green space focus. Sustainability Partnership and CrowdfundingCooperative are free and consist of green projects and visionaries dedicated to help each other… Read More

Sustainability Partnerships Launches Crowdfunding Cooperative That Offers 1M Shares & Full Support to Help Expedite Funding For Green Projects

A new crowdfunding cooperative has donated 1 million equity shares and full marketing support to help people fund their own projects. Anyone with a sustainable project can participate as a sustainability partner or by funding their own projects. Sustainability Partnerships, located in Los Angeles California,… Read More

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