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Overfunding: UK Beverage Brand Tåpped Birch Water Surpasses £200,000 Funding Goal on Seedrs

London-based Tåpped Birch Water has successfully secured its initial £200,000 funding target on Seedrs. The company launched the initiative earlier this month and has so far attracted more than 180 investors. As previously reported, Tåpped makes natural, healthy hydrating drinks from birch water, which is… Read More

Tåpped! Seedrs Investors Pour £155K+ into Birch Water Startup

In Nordic countries tapping trees is a centuries old springtime ritual, with people enjoying the vitamin and mineral rich birch sap as a cleansing and rejuvenating post winter tonic. True to tradition, during this spring Tåpped has sought to tap into the crowd to help grow… Read More

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