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US Bank Is Planning to Close Some Physical Branches Due to Consumer Shift to Online Banking

Minnesota-based US Bank will be closing its downtown branch and one of its two physical branches in Tucson. US Bank’s management also said that three of the institution’s eight local branches (located in Safeway stores) would also be shut down. US Bank representative Evan Lapiska… Read More

“The Crowdfunding Success Pattern – Plus an Intro to A&E’s Project Startup”

Brian Meece, CEO and CoFounder of the crowdfunding platform RocketHub, will visit Tucson’s own Maker House to offer his first hand knowledge on what it takes to launch a successful crowdfunding project, and discuss RocketHub’s recent partnership with A&E’s Project Startup. “The Crowdfunding Success Pattern… Read More

Brian Meece, RocketHub CEO Speaks at Tucson Maker House

Brian Meece, CEO and CoFounder of RocketHub, will be visiting Tucsons Maker House to share his thoughts on launching a successful crowdfunding campaign.  RocketHub has partnered with Maker House to crowdfund the “Worlds First Artisan Driven Makerspace”. Maker House is committed to being a community… Read More

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