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Kickstarter Forms New Partnership With The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

Seeking to help the next generation of entrepreneurs, Kickstarter announced it has formed a partnership with the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. The crowdfunding platform declared in a recent blog post: “People are getting more and more into making things. From the White House to the… Read More

Creator of Kickstarter-Success KitRex Turns to Crowdfunding Again For New 3D Dino Project

Last spring, Lehigh Valley, PA artist, Lisa Glover, hit Kickstarter for her project, KitRex. She used custom-made steel die to cut the complex dinosaur shapes out of Bristol board to make the kits. Originally setting out to raise $8,000, Glover and her dinos took home over $100,000 thanks… Read More

Brian Meece, RocketHub CEO Speaks at Tucson Maker House

Brian Meece, CEO and CoFounder of RocketHub, will be visiting Tucsons Maker House to share his thoughts on launching a successful crowdfunding campaign.  RocketHub has partnered with Maker House to crowdfund the “Worlds First Artisan Driven Makerspace”. Maker House is committed to being a community… Read More

Maker House Turns To Rockethub To Fund Tuscon Makerspace

Maker House, a new makerspace opening in Tucson in the fall of 2013, has reached it’s first crowdfunding milestone, raising over $15,000 in just 6 days. The project is being hosted on RocketHub, a crowdfunding platform that has recently partnered with A&E Television to launch… Read More

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