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Paxos Says Binance Removing Competing Stablecoins from Exchange Good for Customers.

As was reported earlier, Binance has decided to remove competing stablecoins on its exchange and replace them with its homegrown version BUSD. In a corporate statement, Binance said it would “auto convert” holdings in dollar-based stablecoins with BUSD later this month. Paxos, a regulated “blockchain… Read More

Meta’s Novi Digital Wallet Now Allows Transfers in Paxos’ Stablecoin USDP via WhatsApp

Meta, formerly known as Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), has enabled its digital wallet Novi to transfer funds using Paxos’ dollar-based stablecoin USDP via WhatsApp – another Meta company. Paxos is a top digital asset platform in the US that has pursued a compliance-first approach to providing crypto… Read More

Does NOVI Matter? Facebook Rolls Out Pilot Program for Payments Feature, Digital Wallet

Formerly known as Libra and then Diem, Facebook’s (NASD:FB) scaled-back entrance into the digital currency sector has announced the firm’s Novi digital wallet pilot program is rolling out – starting with Guatemala and the United States. The pilot is designed to confirm operational readiness as… Read More

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