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Dow Jones: European VC Investment Drops in Q1 of 2018

Dow Jones VentureSource is out with their quarterly report and their numbers indicate a decline in venture capital funding during the first quarter of 2018. According to the report, investment declined by 16% in the number of funds and delivered a 29% drop in capital… Read More

Q1 2017 Report: European Venture Capital Rebound

Dow Jones Venturesource is out with their most recent European Venture Capital report and, according to them, the numbers are good for the first quarter of 2017. While the total amount of venture funding raised in Q1 2017 is below Q1 2016, the numbers are… Read More

Europe: Q3 VC Fundraising Drops

Dow Jones VentureSource is reporting that Q3 2016 venture capital declined noticeably in comparison to Q2 and slightly versus same quarter year prior. The report states that 20 European venture capital funds raised €1.23 billion during 3Q 2016. Comparing 2Q 2016, total capital raised experienced… Read More

VC Investment in European Companies Hits Highest Figure Since Q3 2001

European companies raised €2.6 billion for 345 deals during 1Q 2015, an increase of 41% in the amount raised from 4Q 2014 despite a 5% slide in the number of deals completed.  The Year over Year comparison depicts an astounding 63% increase. This is according… Read More

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