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Cryptocurrency Programmer Accused of Aiding North Korea Released on $1 Million Bail

Virgil Griffith, an Ethereum programmer accused of advising North Korea on how to using cryptocurrencies to evade sanctions, has been released on $1 million bail in New York. The case is being covered in-person by the Inner City Press: “Upshot: for Virgil Griffith, SDNY Judge Broderick… Read More

Cryptocurrency Developer Accused of Aiding North Korea Denied Bail in New York

An Ethereum developer accused of providing “highly technical information” to North Korean officials on how to use cryptocurrencies to avoid U.S. sanctions has been denied bail in New York, Inner City Press reports. Virgil Griffith, 36, is accused of knowingly violating US sanctions against the… Read More

Ethereum Programmer Arrested for Advising North Korea on Cryptocurrency and Sanctions Evasion

An Ethereum programmer who allegedly traveled to North Korea to deliver a presentation and technical advice on using cryptocurrencies to evade sanctions was arrested on Thursday at the Los Angeles airport. Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency network after Bitcoin. Like Bitcoin, Ethereum is maintained and… Read More

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