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Cryptocurrency Exchange VRBex Enlists Entoro Capital to Assist with $100 Million Security Token Offering

VRBex, a cryptocurrency exchange that prides itself on global compliance, has enlisted Entoro Capital to manage VRBex’s offering of up to $100 million in a preferred-equity security token offering (STO). The $100 million funding round was first revealed earlier this week in a Reg D… Read More

Security Token Exchange VRBex Looks to Raise $100 Million

VRBex, a cryptocurrency and security token exchange that prides itself on being founded and operated by a team with some serious finance cred, is looking to raise up to $100 million in equity, according to a Reg D 506c filing with the Securities and Exchange… Read More

Don’t Fear the Regulator

Several news reports this month have pointed to a slowdown in the crypto token issues that have been used to finance early stage companies, and the reports predicted that the increased regulatory activity echoing around the globe will serve as a deterrent to further growth…. Read More

Security Token Exchange VRBex Appoints Chuck Ocheret As First CTO

Security token exchange VRBex announced on Wednesday it has appointed Chuck Ocheret as its new and first Chief Technology Officer (CTO). According to VRBex, Ocheret has 30 years of software engineering experience in the finance, multimedia, and science industries. His recent position was Chief Innovation… Read More

The Security Token Sale is Now Open: VRBex Announces Compliant Cryptocurrency Exchange and Initial Coin Offering

VRBex Inc., a new cryptocurrency exchange that is being led by former BBVA bankers, has announced an initial coin offering that is kicking off today. VRBEX said it will operate an exchange and security-token trading platform, along with storage and payments in cryptocurrency. The VRBex platform will… Read More

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