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Fiat Republic, the BaaS Fintech Combining Web3 and TradFi Capabilities, Secures Additional Funding

Fiat Republic, the specialist Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that bridges the gap between web3 and traditional banks, announces it has raised $7 million in a seed extension round. Participants in the investment round reportedly “include first-time investments from Kraken Ventures, Fabric Ventures, Arca, and Inovo Ventures,… Read More

NFTs: Agoric Mainnet to Support Crabble Application which Will Enable NFT Lending

Bytepitch, the team building the Crabble NFT lending platform, have deployed their contract to Agoric mainnet after their proposal had a passing vote. The second third-party application to launch on-chain on Agoric, Crabble offers a utility layer for NFTs on Agoric and “soon the entire… Read More

Lasha Atandze, CEO of Rarify Labs: Blockchain Professional Discusses Importance of Multi-Chain Access for Social Identities

We recently connected with Lasha Atandze, CEO of Rarify Labs, a service provider for Rarimo, the interoperability protocol making digital identities and the decentralized social layer multi-chain. During our conversation, Lasha sheds some light on the importance of multi-chain access for social identities in today’s… Read More

Rick Porter: CEO at DSCVR Reveals Whether Web2 Social Media Users Are Switching to Web3 Alternatives

As Web2 social media platforms continue to grapple with concerns about data privacy, misinformation, and content moderation, many users are turning to alternative forms of social media. Among these alternatives are Web3 social media platforms, which are built on decentralized networks and feature community-driven governance,… Read More

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