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LATTICE80 to Airdrop KAYA Tokens to Celebrate First Blocktrade Listing & Introduces Miss Kaya Accelerator Program for Women

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American readers! LATTICE80 is airdropping KAYA tokens to celebrate its first listing on crypto assets trading facility Blocktrade tomorrow. “ICO will end on 30th November,” noted LATTICE80. “We have currently raised $52 million, with a hard cap of $100… Read More

The Billion Dollar Fund for Women Quickly Secures $500M in Pledges

The Billion Dollar Fund for Women was founded by Managing Partners Shelly Porges and Sarah Chen along with Co-Founders Anousheh Ansari, Nadereh Chamlou and Anu Jain to mobilize and connect venture funds with institutional and other investors to create larger pools of capital for investments… Read More

Innovate Finance Announces Launch New Diversity Program led by the Women in FinTech Initiative

Innovate Finance announced on Wednesday the launch of its new diversity program, which is led by the Women in FinTech Initiative for 2018-19. While sharing more details about the program, Charlotte Crosswell, CEO fo Innovate Finance, stated: “We firmly believe that developing a more inclusive environment is at… Read More

Kabbage Co-Founder & Head Fintecher Kathryn Petralia: Power Lending, Predictions & Progress

  “Fintech, online lending, AI and privacy are complicated issues, so we’ve created innovative solutions and approaches that D.C. embraces once they understand them. Our message to Washington is: call us! We have someone to translate tech speak and “bureaucratese” for all of Washington’s questions.”… Read More

Women in Fintech Powerlist Published by Innovate Finance

Innovate Finance has published a “Women in Fintech Powerlist” for 2016. Approximately 200 women in Fintech globally have been featured on their list. The list was created to celebrate the contributions of women who increasingly play a vital role in the development of the global… Read More

Platform Black Welcomes Mackenzie, Townsend & Rajeswaran and their Invoice Trading and Supply Chain Expertise to AltFin Team

Platform Black, a provider of alternative finance to UK businesses, has expanded its team, signalling continuous growth and increasing demand in the sector. Helen Mackenzie, Gayle Townsend and Robert Rajeswaran bring significant invoice trading and supply chain finance expertise and will support the company, which has provided… Read More

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