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Almost One Week Left: Zach Lamprey’s Adv3nture Hoodie Campaign Surpasses $1M on Kickstarter

With nearly one week until its Kickstarter campaign comes to an end, Zach Lamprey’s Adv3nture Hoodie has successfully secured over $1 million from nearly 8,000 backers. As previously reported, each of the Adv3nture hoodies have nine pockets, sunglass holder, pillow conversion, bottle opener zipper, reflective cabling,… Read More

Update: Zane Lamprey’s Adv3nture Hoodie Scores Over $700,000 on Kickstarter

With less than three weeks until Zane Lamprey’s ADV3NTURE Hoodie Kickstarter comes to an end, the former Chug’s host has successfully secured more than $700,000 from over 5,400 backers. Lamprey stated that he and his team spent the past two years re-inventing the Drinking Jacket, he secured… Read More

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